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Grand Piano


Most easy way to pay your class fee. Pay after your enrollment.


  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS for classes

Terms & Conditions:

Requirement for class. (Age, Instrument, Device, App/Software, Internet connection with data pack)

1. The student age must be 5 years or above.

2. You must have an appropriate instrument for class.

3. App/software: Skype, Google meet, Zoom (teacher preference).

4. Device: Phone or Computer.

5. Use high quality internet connection and more than 5GB Data pack for excellent quality class.


1> For monthly/quarterly classes, registration is compulsory.

2> If the teacher misses any class, then he will provide an alternative day for the class to adjust (makeup class).

3> School will be closed on holidays. (Per Sitting booking is also not available on holidays).

4> We are not responsible If a student misses any class. In that situation we are unable to provide any extra class or reschedule it. But students can send their performance recording to the teacher at that time for feedback and advice, as an alternative way for class. (Please don't miss your class).

5> School will be closed on the 5th week for maintenance. But teachers can take this class as an Extra class, Makeup class or No class.

6> After enrollment only the teacher will decide about the student's grade. We will provide one-to-one classes.


Payment and Late fee:

1> We are using India’s best payment gateway Razorpay (international payment) and PayU in our website and for invoicing. Currently we are not accepting Bank transfers.

2> Please try to pay your fee before the 1st class of the month. Teachers can stop their class any time without payment. School is not responsible for that. If not paid within 10th, student name will be unregistered.

3> We are not charging any late fee. Students’ names will be unregistered if they don’t pay the fee for one month. The last date of payment is the 10th. (You have to take readmission).

4> Organization is unable to refund your Quarterly or monthly fee under any circumstances.


You agree to share information entered on this page with Bengal Music Academy (owner of this page) and Razorpay, adhering to applicable laws.

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